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Day 10: What went well lately?

Just this, really: what’s gone well lately?In your business or work, or outside of it?For me, it’s launching my MicroBook Magic course. I’m really excited about helping people write tiny books


Day 9: Crunchy leaves

I think it’s an ASMR thing —(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)— the crunchy sound dry leaves make as you kick your way through them. I love it. It tickles my brain.And the feel of the crunch


Day 8: STEM Day

What’s your favourite science?I’m a science nerd so I’m interested.Mine is physics, I think — although if you show me anything related to dinosaurs I will get very excited.Did you know I once


Day 7: Compliment yourself

Hey, you!Yes, you!Did you know you are rather fabulous? You look good, you smell good, you’re a good person. WELL DONE.Now, how often do you say something like that to yourself?If you’re me, it’s


Day 6: Daylight Savings in the USA

Ugh every single damn year this screws with my head.And it’s even worse since I started my business and have clients in North America, because they put the clocks back too — only they do it a week


Day 5: Bonfire Night

Honestly right now I think Guy Fawkes had the right idea.Not the mass murder part; that wasn’t cool.But the dismantling of our government to see what happens — that could work, because honestly they


Day 4: National Day of Community Service

Do you volunteer, or do anything in your community?I was pondering this question, and thinking that I didn’t do anything. I don’t run any events, and I just resigned from the Village Hall Committee


Day 3: Do you have a question about writing?

If you have a question about writing nonfiction, self-publishing, or books in general, use this prompt time to write it out…Then send it to me!I’d love to answer it.Or… perhaps it’s in my book,


Day 2: What’s your day been like?

Just that, really. What’s your day been like so far?If it’s been fab, how can you continue the fabness?Why has it been fab?Can you build that into your day more often?If it’s been pants, how can


Day 1: November Goals

It’s the first of the month which means: tiny beetle steps to getting where we want to go.I know big hairy goals freak some people out (including me).So let’s set a couple of reasonable ones—and

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