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Day 30: Celebrate your month!

Oh HEY, it’s December tomorrow.Which means it’s nearly 2023 dear lord what.And my celebration for November is this: about a month ago, I thought up and created MicroBook Magic.It’s a 4-week adventure


Day 29: Giving Tuesday

And after the chaos and kerfuffle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes the calm of Giving Tuesday.I do wonder how much crap people buy in a frenzy during this sale period, and how long they keep it


Day 28: Cyber Monday

What comes to mind when you think of Cyber Monday?For me, it’s an overloaded inbox.Full of people all saying the same thing, for the same reason.Don’t get me wrong: I love a bargain and I will use


Day 27: Who’s made a positive impact on you?

Don’t overthink this one. It’s easy to list a whole bunch of people who deserve your gratitude.But who’s the one person who springs to mind when you ask yourself who’s made a positive impact


Day 26: Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday, and your writing prompt is: write about what pops into your head when you think about small businesses.Maybe you run a business, and you want to write about why you


Day 25: Black Friday

I have never done a Black Friday deal before.But this year, I have TWO!I’m offering my template bundle for 50% off! That’s right — for a few days only (until November 28) you can get all my book


Day 24: Thanksgiving

Today’s prompt is: what are you thankful for?Or, what does “Thanksgiving” prompt you think about or write about?We don’t celebrate it in the UK, but I’ve had some splendid thanksgiving dinners


Day 23: What are you proud of but don’t talk about?

One of my problems is, I don’t shut up about stuff.I kind of want to be able to blurt out everything (TMI) but also retain an air of mystery.This is impossible, for obvious reasons.So this prompt stumped


Day 22: Share your desk

Today’s prompt: write about your desk.And maybe share a picture with me on social media, if you like!My desk is white and shiny, with shiny chrome legs. I wanted something sleek and modern and clean


Day 21: World TV Day

I used to be one of those people who bragged about never watching TV.It wasn’t a good look.Like somehow that made me a better person.(It obviously didn’t)I missed out on loads of good stuff (although

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