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Books, writing, and chit-chat with amazing guests. Listen in here!

Episode 330: MicroBook Magic Showcase Special

Show Notes Join Vicky and Joe for a little rant about bad advice — and

Episode 329: 3 Pieces of Writing Advice I Hate

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe for a little rant about bad advice — and some

Episode 328: RePod: Writing in Community

Show NotesThis week, amidst Covid and wedding anniversaries, Vicky runs out of time and reissues

Episode 327: Writing Advice from Terry Pratchett

Show NotesJoin the plague house as Vicky and Joe discuss Covid (she has it), retelling

Episode 326: Feel Good Where You Write with Hannah de Keijzer

Follow Hannah:Guest Info — Hannah de KeijzerAs a nonfiction editor and writing coach, Hannah helps

Episode 325: How long should it be?

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe as they discuss: does size matter? Joe is zooming in

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