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Day 20: One thing you would change now

If you could go back and change anything from your life, would you?What would you change?There are a few things I would do differently. Some of them I’m not going to talk about here because they’re


Day 19: International Men’s Day lol

Before you @ me, the lol is for two reasons:Because every day is bloody men’s day. The whole world is designed by and for men. Again, don’t @ me because I’ll just ignore it.I lol because on every


Day 18: Use Less Stuff Day

I am in a constant battle with myself to use less stuff because I live in a state of perpetual guilt about how much stuff I have.Stuff I don’t need.I don’t believe in going totally Marie Kondo because


Day 17: What emoji are you?

Yes this is a silly prompt, but those can be the most fun.And can lead into realms we may never have guessed at…So. What emoji are you?I think, today, I am the emoji with the star eyes because I’m


Day 16: National Black Marketers Day

The Black Marketers Coalition (B.M.C.) was founded in 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, to support Black marketers in America, in and outside the workplace.I didn’t even know this was a day — but I did know


Day 15: Husband’s birthday!

Yes today, the day after our wedding anniversary, is Joe’s birthday hurrah!He’s already had his gift: a reading spa at Mr B’s bookshop in Bath.My cousin got me one for my 40th a couple of years


Day 14: Wedding anniversary

Joe and I have been married for 13 years today!It doesn’t seem like anything like that long. It does seem that I am so very lucky. He’s amazing.He sees all of me, including the awful stuff, and he


Day 13: World Kindness Day

Honestly I think if we all just lived by the maxim be kind, the world would be a much more pleasant place.I try to ask myself questions like:Do I need to say that out loud?Does he need to hear my opinion


Day 12: Your legacy

Here’s a biggie: what would you like your legacy to be?Now I’m a person over 40, I think about this from time to time.I don’t have kids; so what will I leave behind? And how can I leave the world


Day 11: What are you looking foward to?

Twixtmas.That quiet time between Christmas and New Year.I never, ever work during Twixtmas; it’s a rare occasion that I totally switch off and feel good about it.(This brings up all manner of nonsense

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