Banish the Blank Page of Doom - FAST

Banish the Blank Page of Doom - FAST is your ticket to writing freedom - even if you're regularly afflicted by crippling creative blocks and doubt your status as "a real writer". From the author of How The Hell Do You Write A Book, this little book will show you how creative blocks happen, why writer's block is a big hairy myth, and why part of your brain wants you to stay stuck.

This book is a love-letter to every writer who's ever struggled to get started. It's a message to anyone who truly believes they have a book in them - and knows that if they could just sit down and write, it would come out. And it explodes the myth that only "proper artists" are creative and shows you how to unlock the creativity inside you.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Who your Inner D*ckhead is and why it's keeping you stuck
  • The delicious wonders of the Shitty First Draft and how it's your key to writerdom
  • How to overcome crippling perfectionism, procrastination, and resistance with a few simple brain changes
  • 3 simple games to get you started and dirty up that blank page
  • My favourite tools to help you bust through your creative blocks

By the time you've finished this short-but-sweet book, you'll never be sucker-punched by writer's block again.

Read the book - play the games - then sit down and write.

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