Day 13: World Kindness Day

Honestly I think if we all just lived by the maxim be kind, the world would be a much more pleasant place.

I try to ask myself questions like:

  • Do I need to say that out loud?
  • Does he need to hear my opinion on his shoes?
  • Does she need to know what I think of her painting?
  • How would I feel if someone said that to me?
  • Have they asked for my feedback?

I mean sometimes I blurt out my bullshit anyway because I am human and my mouth runs away with itself (thank you ADHD that’s super helpful) but I really try not to.

And if I disagree with someone, I try not to call them a twat out loud.

In my head, I’m not kind, often. I try to be. I examine my reactions to stuff, wonder where it comes from, and how it serves me.

But we get into habits, right? Habits of reacting angrily, or defensively, or lashing out in anticipation of someone lashing out at me.

This is my musing on World Kindness Day, and what it’s prompted me to think about.

How I always want to come at things, especially confrontation, from a place of curiosity and desire to understand. I have entire flaming arguments in my head, in which I rip my “opponent” a new one… but in real life I want to be curious and kind.

What does World Kindness Day mean to you?

Set a timer and write about it.



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