Day 29: Giving Tuesday

And after the chaos and kerfuffle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes the calm of Giving Tuesday.

I do wonder how much crap people buy in a frenzy during this sale period, and how long they keep it before they chuck it away?

I know you can get a bargain on stuff you need, of course — like, one day I will buy a new TV during Black Friday sales because we’ve had ours since before TVs went digital. It’s more than 15 years old and one day it will die.

But everyone does a Black Friday sale. How much needless acquisition goes on?

(By the way, I’m terrible for impulse-buying stupid shit, although I try to make sure it’s not stupid plastic shit, so I’m pointing the finger at myself as well)

Anyway. I think Giving Tuesday was set up as an antidote to acquisition — a chance to give something away to people who need it.

So, what would you give away to those in need?

What can you spare?

Maybe today’s a good day to do it.

Set a timer and write about that.

Happy writing!



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