Day 8: STEM Day

What’s your favourite science?

I’m a science nerd so I’m interested.

Mine is physics, I think — although if you show me anything related to dinosaurs I will get very excited.

Did you know I once wanted to be a marine biologist? I think this was a thing among kids my age in the mid-1990s because I know quite a lot of people who wanted to be a marine biologist.

I went so far as to study for fun at the OU, and applied for jobs at the Marine Conservation Society (didn’t get it so I donate to them instead).

I love science.

And I get so frustrated when people “don’t trust science” like — I think you don't understand what science is?

I don’t think that word means you what think it means…

Because science is simply asking questions, and trying to find the answers. That’s it. With rigorous experiments, and by questioning other scientists findings, and trying to prove them wrong.

MORE KIDS DOING SCIENCE! Especially girls and kids from marginalised backgrounds please.

Your turn: set a timer and write about STEM — what does it mean to you?



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