Day 6: Daylight Savings in the USA

Ugh every single damn year this screws with my head.

And it’s even worse since I started my business and have clients in North America, because they put the clocks back too — only they do it a week after we do, because of course it can’t be easy.

So not only do I have to remember the clocks are going back here, I then have to deal with the fuckery of missed client calls and confusion because nobody knows what the flip is going on.

I used to work for RoSPA, and we had a campaign called Lighter Later, in which we railed against the changing of the clocks, because there’s very little evidence of benefit from it these days, and quite a lot of evidence to show that things are more dangerous (especially for women and kids) when it gets dark at 4 pm.

I’ll probably get letters now because there’s a core of people who get really angry about this, and refuse to look at the science.

Anyway — my main issue is how much it messes with my head.

So, set a timer for 5 minutes and write about what you think of clocks changing.



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