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Day 11: Your favourite mistake

We all make mistakes, if we are human beans. Some of them are just awful, although we can always learn from them.But some mistakes turn out to be fab, and can lead to great things.Today's prompt: what's


Day 10: Frosty mornings

I hate being cold but I LOVE bright frosty mornings.They're magical—like an elf has emoted all over the place overnight, coating everything in sparkles.And the crunching! Lush.So: write about frosty


Day 9: A perfect Saturday

Simple prompt today: what does your perfect Saturday look like?Right now, mine is just: not renovating a cottage and instead enjoying it and being warm... then mooching to the studio to play on my trapeze


Day 8: Write a love letter to yourself

Yesterday's prompt was a love letter to someone else... today's might be a little trickier.Write a love letter to yourself.Most of us can find wonderful things to say about other people, but perhaps


Day 7: Write a love letter to someone

Today, I’d like you to write a love letter. Not to me, obviously.(unless you really want to, in which case you’ll find me doing this...)Now, before you get all pissy and declare that you’ll do


Day 6: Family traditions

It is December, so forgive the festive prompts but also they don't have to be festive-related.What are your family holiday traditions?Maybe that's Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Thanksgiving, or Eid, or


Day 5: Your Superhero Origin Story

To someone, somewhere, you are a legit superhero.(Not a superho as I originally wrote and which made me laugh so much I nearly choked. Sorry.)What I mean is, you run a business, right? You help people.


Day 4: Your Big Idea

I'm all about writing the books so today's writing prompt is this: what's your Big Idea for your book?And if you're not planning on writing a book just yet... what would your Big Idea be if you were


Day 3: A perfect Sunday

Today's writing prompt is: what's your perfect Sunday?Maybe it starts with a cup of tea in bed, a book, and a cuddle from your cats (that's mine!)Maybe it starts with church.Maybe it starts with a 5


Day 2: Do you celebrate Christmas?

Your writing prompt for today is: do you celebrate Christmas?If not, why not? Do you celebrate something else instead?If you do, how do you do it?I'm an agnostic atheist, a humanist, and every now and

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