Day 7: Write a love letter to someone

Today, I’d like you to write a love letter. Not to me, obviously.

(unless you really want to, in which case you’ll find me doing this...)

Now, before you get all pissy and declare that you’ll do no such thing, hear me out.

First, you don’t have to show anyone your love letter (although I kinda hope you do because NAWWWWWW).

Second, I want you to feel super-uncomfortable, and not just because I’m a bitch.

Discomfort can often be where your truth lies, and telling the truth isn’t always a comfortable thing to do. However, if you want to write a wonderful book, it has to be truthful.

Has to be.

Or it’ll be just another shelf-filler nobody really gives a shit about. And you’re better than that.

So write your love letter.

It might be to your husband or wife or life partner. Maybe you’ll write to your child or your dog or your cat or your horse or your parents or siblings.

Maybe your love letter will be for the love you lost and never quite left behind. Or your first love. Or the person you never quite plucked up the courage to tell how you felt.

You could write to your favourite author or actor or musician or sportsperson; someone who’s influenced your life somehow. Or the book that changed your life. Or the music that makes you cry.

Perhaps, if you have a client who’s changed your life or a business mentor, you could write your letter to them.

Most of all, though, it should contain the things you’ve desperately wanted to say, but haven’t. And it should contain truth, and colour, and life, and texture, and all your feelings.

Not an easy one, this. But I promise you’ll find it rewarding.

(That, or you’ll want to send me a bag of dicks. I’m comfortable with that; go ahead—I won’t hold it against you. Just make sure they're vegan-friendly.)

Now, go for a walk, get your feelings on, set a timer for 5 minutes, and write.



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