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Day 31: New Year soundtrack

I wish you a very happy new year!Well done for making it to the end of this month of writing prompts. Yay you!But don't stop now—another calendar is coming for January, filled with prompts and tips


Day 30: New Year plans?

I used to shun New Year. I'd sulk massively, rebelling against the pressure to have An Amazing Time In Public.I objected to the inflated prices of pubs and clubs, and objected more to the obnoxiously


Day 29: Run, Forrest!

I'm gonna be honest: I have no idea what I was thinking of when I wrote this note title.So today's prompt is to write whatever pops into your head right now, after reading this.Team Moxie is fab for


Day 28: Twixtmas: what do you do?

We're firmly ensconced in the no-mans-land between Christmas and New Year—what are you up to?Is there a tradition you follow?Are you working?Or is this the time when you rush around visiting family?Write


Day 27: Festive haiku

We're in the depths of Twixmas now, so let's dig ourselves out from the pile of cheese and get our creativity going.(I have a bundle of templates for sale, and one of those is writing games you might


Day 26: Too much cheese?

Today is a day of too much cheese, historically.Which got me thinking about today's writing prompt: what personality would your favourite cheese have?Like, halloumi sounds so cheerful!"HALLOOOOOMI!"


Day 25: Gratitude

Merry Christmas!I write a little every day, even on Christmas Day, so on the offchance you're around—hiiiii!Today's prompt is gratitude. What are you grateful for today?I start every day with three


Day 24: The ultimate Christmas movie?

It is Christmas Eve today so of course I must ask: what is your ultimate Christmas movie?Joe and I have a tradition: we try to watch a bunch of Christmas movies during December... films like Love Actually


Day 23: Movie of your life

Who would play you in the movie version of your life?Simple question today.And for this one, I'd LOVE to see you share on the socials... along with a picture and your explanation.For me, it'd probably


Day 22: Your favourite weather

Look, I'm British, it's our national pasttime to be obsessed with the weather, okay?So I have to ask: what's your favourite weather?This might be a tricky question to answer because if you're anything

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