Day 31: New Year soundtrack

I wish you a very happy new year!

Well done for making it to the end of this month of writing prompts. Yay you!

But don't stop now—another calendar is coming for January, filled with prompts and tips and stories for you. Keep an eye on social media and on my website.

But this year isn't over yet, so today I have a list-type prompt for you: what's your New Year soundtrack?

Maybe it's a soundtrack for a party you're having tonight—or maybe it's the soundtrack you'd like to accompany 2022.

Or perhaps it's your favourite tunes of the year?

List 'em out, and then write a few words about what each song or piece of music means to you.

Set your timer for 5 minutes and enjoy a little musical wander.

Happy writing, and thank you for joining me on this writing journey.


Vicky xo

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