Day 4: Your Big Idea

I'm all about writing the books so today's writing prompt is this: what's your Big Idea for your book?

And if you're not planning on writing a book just yet... what would your Big Idea be if you were to do it?

(SEE WHAT I DID THERE? You'll want to. Just wait...)

If you have a big message for the world, or something that gets you excited, or passionate, or angry, or delighted, or all the feelings—write about what it is and why you care.

Mine is all about voices being heard (specifically in book format). Yours. Mine. And especially voices which haven't traditionally been heard because we cannot hear only one story. We do not see the world as it truly is in all its richness, if we only see, hear, and read one version of it.

Set your timer for 5 minutes and write your passions out. Then, if you want to, share them with us on social media. Tag @tinybeetlesteps and follow the hashtags #moxieADVENT and #tinybeetlesteps !

Happy writing!



p.s. I have a template to help you nail this down, which you can find here.

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