Day 3: A perfect Sunday

Today's writing prompt is: what's your perfect Sunday?

Maybe it starts with a cup of tea in bed, a book, and a cuddle from your cats (that's mine!)

Maybe it starts with church.

Maybe it starts with a 5 mile run (no judgement here).

Our perfect Sunday is all about house renovations... endless house renovations... followed by Dungeons + Dragons and a big meal with a group of good friends.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write about your perfect Sunday. No editing, no overthinking, no second-guessing—just read the prompt and then start writing. If you want to continue writing after the timer goes off—brilliant! Keep going.

If you want to share your writing, you know where we are—it can be scary to share our work, but you're in safe hands with us and we'd love to read it. I'm super nosy and love hearing people's tiny stories about the moments of their lives.

Happy writing!



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