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Day 31: Celebrate your month!

Good lord it’s the end of another month how did that happen etc. etc. passage of time.But that does mean it’s time to celebrate your wins.Because we all spend a ton of time brooding about what went


Day 30: Middle Names

Names are interesting things. We don’t choose our own names, for the most part… we’re stuck with what our parents chose.I’m utterly ambivalent towards my name; I don’t know what that says about


Day 29: Public Holidays

Today is a public holiday in the UK—hurrah!One of my American Power Hour writers always asks, “My god is it another public holiday?” whenever I have to cancel a writing sesh and it makes me laugh


Day 28: Outdoor theatre

Have you ever been to an outdoor theatre production?They’re so much fun—a totally different vibe to being in a theatre, and the environment seems to invite more ad-libbing and off-the-cuffness.Of


Day 27: Evening routine

Everywhere you look, on LinkedIn at least, there’s some doofus bragging about his morning routine.(LOL just kidding, I also have morning routines that I love, no shade really.)But we rarely hear about


Day 26: International Dog Day

I flippin’ love doggos.I will say hello to your dog before I even notice you. Soz.But I’m not sure we’ll ever have a dog. We had a doggo when I was little and she was the best dog in the world:


Day 25: National Burger Day

The best burger I’ve ever had was a vegan one (cos I’m veggie) in a dark bar in Edinburgh.I’d gone up there on the train on my own, to write on the train, and to have a little explore. I do that


Day 24: Are you enough?

Well, are you?That’s it. That’s all for today. Pretty triggering question, perhaps… it is for me, anyway.Are you enough?Write about it.Then write this, and internalise it:I AM ENOUGH.Fin.TTFN,Vickyp.s. Connect


Day 23: Eating out

I both love and hate eating out.I love it because I get to have fries if I want (I bloody love fries, salty potatoey goodness YUM). And I love that you choose your food and then someone brings it out,


Day 22: Do you have houseplants?

I have been told I have a houseplant problem. I reject this hypothesis.I never used to be a houseplant person; I couldn’t keep them alive. When I can’t see something, it kind of ceases to exist.

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