Day 22: Do you have houseplants?

I have been told I have a houseplant problem. I reject this hypothesis.

I never used to be a houseplant person; I couldn’t keep them alive. When I can’t see something, it kind of ceases to exist. It’s an object permanence ADHD thing, which is why I don’t miss people when they’re not there. Which then leads to shame and guilt, but that’s another story.

What doesn’t lead to shame and guilt is the amount of houseplants I now have—which is precisely a lot.

I love them! There’s a lot of research to show houseplants are good for you in every way (I guess unless you chew on a toxic one, but let’s just assume we’re not gonna do that). They purify the air, green makes us feel good because it reminds us of being out in nature and being alive, it’s good for us to take care of something outside of ourselves…

The list goes on.

So ya, your question today is: do you have houseplants? Why? Why not?

Set a timer and write about that, my green-fingered friend.

Happy writing!



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