Day 23: Eating out

I both love and hate eating out.

I love it because I get to have fries if I want (I bloody love fries, salty potatoey goodness YUM). And I love that you choose your food and then someone brings it out, and sometimes you might go to the bathroom and when you get back, there is your dinner.

And I hate it because I worry that I’ll throw food down my front, or smear it all over my chin, or that I won’t like what I’ve ordered which is so annoying because I’ve paid for it and probably got dressed up for the occasion.

But mostly I love it because it’s a treat. I really missed eating out during the lockdowns, and it’s taken me a long time to get back into it again.

OH also I love eating out because we get to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations which is always fun, and if we can’t hear them we can make up stories about what fellow diners do and who they are.

Like, that guy over there messing with his phone—he’s an assassin. She’s a brain surgeon who operated secretly on the Queen, and is now bound by the official secrets act. That couple are undercover secret agents working for the KGB.

Your turn. Write about eating out.

Five minutes, timer, go!

Happy writing!



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