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Day 21: Poet’s Day

When I was a kid, Poet’s Day meant Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday.I’m fairly sure this international day isn’t referring to that…I think it’s referring to, ya know, poets. Who write poetry.So—what


Day 20: Secret Wishes for This Month

You don’t have to tell anyone, but you should write them down… because writing things down has power.Honest.If I write down my big hairy audacious goal, the one that’s too scary to say out loud,


Day 19 World Photography Day

I have a love-hate relationship with photographs.Because my memory is so appalling, I take a lot of photos.This drives Joe around the bend, because he’ll be striding on ahead, and I’ll be on the


Day 18: Are you going on holiday?

I am channelling my inner hairdresser today and asking the most inane question, because they can’t all be deep amiright?Set a timer for 5 minutes and answer me this: are you going on holiday this year?Have


Day 17: National Nonprofit Day

Today’s prompt is nonprofits—what does National Nonprofit Day make you think of?Do you have a favourite nonprofit or charity? Why?What does it mean to you? Why do you donate or buy from that organisation?I


Day 16: What’s on your mind today?

What’s on my mind today is Robert Miles.He wrote the club classic banger Children in 1996. I was only 17, and was an indie-kid rather than a clubber… but that song hit me, too.Still does.I never


Day 15: Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?

In our Dungeons & Dragons group, a couple of us can fly.Florian can fly because he has fairy wings.My character can fly because she made an ill-advised impulse purchase at a dodgy market, and acquired


Day 14: Weirdest thing you’d do for £££

Once, a long time ago, a friend of mine got a message from a dude on the internet.I think this may even have been pre-Facebook, kids. So, we’re talking AOL chatrooms the like.But I digress.He wanted


Day 13: National Prosecco Day

Apparently it’s National Prosecco Day today.I don’t drink prosecco anymore, but I used to like it very much. It started as a treat when I’d done something I was proud of or when I’d signed a


Day 12: 3 songs that make you want to dance

Today’s prompt is—think of three songs that make you want to dance, and write about why!Here are mine:Cannonball by The Breeders—it’s such an indie-banger and was part of the soundtrack to my

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