Day 27: Evening routine

Everywhere you look, on LinkedIn at least, there’s some doofus bragging about his morning routine.

(LOL just kidding, I also have morning routines that I love, no shade really.)

But we rarely hear about the evening routines. I’ve been paying more attention to mine recently because I do not get nearly enough sleep, and I struggle to go to bed.

Wonder if these two things might be related…

So, I’ve put together a new evening routine, with the help of my ADHD coach and my husband.

And I have alarms on my watch to remind me:

  • 8.30 pm shower and get into my pyjamas.
  • 9.00 pm brush teeth.
  • 9.30 pm stand up off sofa.
  • 9.45 pm get into bed.

Sounds daft, but last night I got 6 hours 43 minutes sleep, which is 45 minutes more than usual.

And I felt almost good this morning.

I’m gonna get to 8 hours sleep and my evening routine will help me!

Obviously some days it doesn't work, and that’s okay. I’m aiming for 80% of the time, and that’s enough.

Over to you: when I say evening routine, you say…?

Set a timer, and write write write!

Also, speaking of evening routines, come and join us at Write Night on September 1. Details here!

Happy writing!



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