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Day 21: Your biggest priorities

OOH THIS IS A TRICK PROMPT.Because you can only have one. So this is a little stealth exercise to help you be whelmed rather than overwhelmed.“Priority” literally means “most important thing”


Day 20: What are you curious about?

Okay this is a prompt that could spark a neverending splurge of thoughts.From me, anyway.Because I’m curious about everything. Comes with the territory of being a writer, I suspect.But just off the


Day 19 Wonders of the World

Have you ever seen a Wonder of the World?From the 7 wonders of the ancient world, I’ve visited the Great Pyramid of Giza, and I’ve been to Alexandria, where the lighthouse was.I’ve also seen the


Day 18: What’s an experience that made you feel alive?

Performing on stage on a trapeze or a pole makes me feel alive.Walking on the clifftops on a windy day (but not too windy and not too close) makes me feel alive.Laughing with the love of my life makes


Day 17: Black Poetry Day

Today is Black poetry day which means I get to recommend Maya Angelou.Easiest place to start is with Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry.https://uk.bookshop.org/a/5048/9780349006215And also suggest you


Day 16: Global Cat Day

Oh my god I love my cats so damn much.Noodle and Whiskey.Noodle throws himself into my arms every evening when I step out of the shower room in my dressing gown. He jumps the full height of my body to


Day 15: One thing you appreciate about yourself

Tell me, friend: what’s one thing you appreciate about yourself?Just one.Pick it, and write about it for 5 minutes.And then remind yourself of it every time you feel down on yourself.Happy writing!TTFN,Vickyp.s. Connect


Day 14: A humble job you’d really enjoy

What’s a humble job you’d really enjoy?Why?When I was at uni, I used to clean people’s houses. Mostly my friends’ houses (they were all much older than me—I married young and my first husband


Day 13: Your favourite musicians?

I fear this question might be a little too close to “what’s your favourite song” which is highly annoying—because my fave song depends on many things.But I can definitely name some of my favourite


Day 12: National Fossil Day

Fossils, mate. I mean—they’re incredible.A little slice of live from millions of years ago.Actual millions of years.We can see what dinosaurs looked like, and get an idea of how they lived—and

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