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Day 31: Celebrate your month!

Oh HEY, it’s November tomorrow.And I am launching the first ever MicroBook Magic course and I’d love you to join us!It’s a 4-week adventure to write, create, and publish your very own teeny tiny


Day 30: The weirdest thing you’ve ever found

Okay this one needs a photo, so head over to my Instagram here for today’s prompt complete with weird fish head thing.When I was in Canada in September, we went wandering the trails on the island we


Day 29: What would you dress up as?

I always love the idea of a costume party, because I have great ideas. But then when it comes to actually making the costume, I fizzle out.Because busy.But mostly because I am LAST MINUTE DOT COM.Last


Day 28: Hallowe’en

Do you do Hallowe’en?This year we’re doing a pumpking carving and entering it into the village pumpkin carving competition. I’m determined to win.It’s gonna be a giant octopus.Your prompt today


Day 27: Where do you write?

Following on from “when do you write” is “where?”I know some people can work anywhere — noisy cafés, squished between people on a bus, in a kids’ playcentre with screaming all around…I


Day 26: National Mule Day

Did you know a mule could be many things?It’s the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse and is usually infertile because donkeys and horses have different numbers of chromosomes — 62 for


Day 25: When do you write?

I am a creature of routine and habit.If someone fucks with my routine, I crumple into a damp little bundle.So I set certain times to write because if we wait for inspiration to strike, well… we die


Day 24: An extra day off

Simple prompt today: what would you do with an extra day off each week?Say you work a 5-day week—now it’s a 4-day week, bang.And you have 3 days off.And you don’t have less money.What do you do


Day 23: Mulligan: what would you do over?

If you could have a Mulligan—a do over—what would you do over?I’ve been thinking about this ever since I listed out these prompts, and I’m not sure. There’s one thing definitely that I’m


Day 22: What do you value more than money?

There a several ways to understand this question, I think.Monetary value: gold, diamonds, bitcoins, etc.Intrinsic value: friendship, sleep, love, etc.But often, one thing is dependent on the other, right?Sometimes

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