Day 17: Black Poetry Day

Today is Black poetry day which means I get to recommend Maya Angelou.

Easiest place to start is with Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry.

And also suggest you follow James Pogson on LinkedIn, who writes amazing poetry and prose, and who is a wise owl.

And now for your prompt: set a timer for 5 minutes and write about what comes up for you when you think of Black poets and Black poetry.

I know that for me, for the longest time, it was a white man whose face appeared, indistinctly, in my mind, when I thought of poetry and poets.

Then as I read more widely, it was Emily Dickinson.

Now, I see a cluster of faces. Some white, some brown, some Black. But it was a telling moment for me, the first time I realised what I pictured when I thought of a poet…

Representation matters. So does diversity of thought, opinion, writing, lived experience, culture… everything really.

Happy writing!



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