Day 16: Global Cat Day

Oh my god I love my cats so damn much.

Noodle and Whiskey.

Noodle throws himself into my arms every evening when I step out of the shower room in my dressing gown. He jumps the full height of my body to snuggle.

(admittedly not that high but still)

He’s my love.

And Whiskey loves to be close to us. Not squeezed and cuddled like Noodle, but sat right up next to us, purring.

She shouts at us at length every morning, telling us everything that happened the night before.

Now, your turn: set a timer for 5 minutes and write.

What does “global cat day” prompt for you? Maybe it reminds you that you’re a dog person. Or not an animal person at all (whatevs you do you). Dig in. Write.

Happy writing!



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