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Day 31: Celebrate your month!

Good lord it’s the end of another month how did that happen etc. etc. passage of time.But that does mean it’s time to celebrate your wins.Because we all spend a ton of time brooding about what went


Day 30: International Day of Friendship

So this is an official “day” but I’d like to shout out some of my incredible friends:Yinka, Emma, Misty, Ruth, Edd, Dan, Harriet, Kenda, Sarahs, Beth, Louise, Carol, Dom, Ruth, Jodie, Jenn.And,


Day 29: What do you do Friday nights?

Do you have a Friday night routine?Are you out dancing and partying—or curled up on the sofa?Me—I’m out playing on the trapeze and pole at the studio. Friday night is my circus playtime.Joe does


Day 28: Bodily autonomy

Bit of a heavy question for today’s prompt, and I ask it with no judgement or expectation—simply with a request to dig deep into what you think, believe, and feel—and why.What does bodily autonomy


Day 27: Which Spice Girl are you?

I know this sounds like one of those daft Buzzfeed quizzes, and you’re right. It does. Because we can’t be serious all the time.Also, on the coattails of Britney, I need to declare my love for the


Day 26: What’s your fave Britney song?

I love Britney.(Spears, that is.)She’s a bit of a badass. She's been absolutely shat upon by her family, the medical and legal community, and the patriarchy generally. I dunno how she’s coped, but


Day 25: Are you ever bored?

Interesting question, this, because I’m often bored… and yet I’m rarely bored for longer than a few minutes.I know, that sounds like an absolute contradiction, and it kind of is. Only it also isn’t.I


Day 24: Digital detox

Social media is like processed sugar: highly addictive and I just can’t get enough, and then I binge so much I want to vomit.Physically vomit as well as metaphorically in my brain.When I feel the anxiety


Day 23: Do you nap?

I wish I could nap.I can’t nap. I don’t even sleep well in my bed at night a lot of the time; my brain is so busy. (I’m working on that.)But napping? Can’t do it.I’m extremely sensitive to,


Day 22: Your rest ethic

Ooh, after the “work ethic” question earlier this week, it’s time for your rest ethic.What is it?Do you think you deserve rest… or do you struggle with the whole concept?One thing I’ve realised

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