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Day 28: National Essay Day

Ah, the personal essay—one of my favourite creative nonfiction forms.If you’ve never read David Sedaris, bell hooks, Joan Didion, James Baldwin, Phoebe Robinson, Maya Angelou, Annie Dillard... go


Day 27: Do you draw?

Bit of a different one, this, but as I said yesterday, creativity is creativity, full stop.So.Do you draw? Or paint? Or sketch?If so, why?If not, why not?My prompt today isn’t to write something, but


Day 26: Make a fairytale

Ooh, a devilish prompt today—but I implore you to give it a go.Even if you’re strictly a nonfiction writer, there’s a lot of crossover between fiction and nonfiction and creativity is creativity


Day 25: What did your grandparents do?

Or, if you’re a very youngster, what did your great-grandparents do?My Grandad was a nurse in World War II, on the Eastern Prince ship. He’d collect the injured and transport them to where they needed


Day 24: Whatcha watchin’?

I’m not all about the reading, you know. I also like to watch—films, Netflix, boxset binges...So—what are you obsessed with right now?What’s worth bingeing? Why?Joe and I have been working our


Day 23: Your attitude to money

Ooh, another heavy subject.(Don’t worry, we’ll be back to silliness tomorrow)Our attitudes to money can fuck us up or strengthen us. I know mine has required a lot of work over the years.Our parents’


Day 22: World Thinking Day

Here’s a thing I didn’t know: the Scouts and Guides association have a World Thinking Day every year on this day.Each year, it has a theme, and Girl Scouts and Girl Guides are encouraged to, well,


Day 21: Complex systems

I’m gonna level with you: I’m not sure what I had in mind when I wrote the headline for today’s writing prompt.I’d obviously been reading or listening to something about complex systems, and


Day 20: Love your pet day

Tell me about your pet! Write about how much you love them, and why.I love all my pets, and also everyone else’s pets too. And random animals I see in the wild. Or on a farm. Or in my garden.I love


Day 19: Been to the movies?

It’s been SO. LONG. since I went to the cinema. Way before Covid.I can’t even remember what I saw.So I want to live vicariously through you: what’s the last thing you saw at the cinema?Did you

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