Day 25: What did your grandparents do?

Or, if you’re a very youngster, what did your great-grandparents do?

My Grandad was a nurse in World War II, on the Eastern Prince ship. He’d collect the injured and transport them to where they needed to be. Then he worked for the GEC for yeeeeears, back in the days when people had a job for life.

My Grandma did all sorts of jobs, from working in the local paper shop, to secretary at a private school in Yorkshire.

My Grandad Quinn was a mechanic, and I’m not sure what my Nana did. Which prompts me to find out.

I’m writing letters to my mum and grandma asking them all sorts of nosy questions, so I can find out all about their lives. I wish I’d done that for my Nana and Grandad, too, before they died.

So today’s prompt is: what did your grandparents do? How much do you know about their lives before you came along?

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and see what memories fall from your fingertips.



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