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Day 30: Celebrate your month!

Hurrah! It’s the end of September!A wise owl called Jocelyn Brady talks a lot about having little celebrations every time we do something we want to do.So we train our brains to associate doing the


Day 29: Who did you play with today?

Why so serious?We all need to play more, all the time.So tell me: have you played today? Who did you play with?If not, consider this another double-prompt—go and find someone to play with (a dog, a


Day 28: National Fitness Day

Ugh the pressure we put on ourselves. It’s me. I’m “we”.If I don’t go running then do my yoga in the morning after sliding out of bed, I beat myself up.But only because I know how good I feel


Day 27: Do you have any questions?

Today’s prompt is a gift and an ask: do you have any questions I can help you with?My areas of expertise are:Creative writingNonfiction booksIndie-publishingPole dancingTrapezeHandstandsTinySheepsRenovating


Day 26: Do you get enough sleep?

HAHAHAHAHA absolutely not.It’s a source of endless frustration to me, but I am working on it.I have multiple alarms set on my watch: get ready for bed, brush teeth, wash face, get off the damn sofa,


Day 25: Something kind you did today

Have you done something kind today?Write about it for a few minutes. Why did you do the kind deed? Who was it for, and what was it?How did it make you feel? How do you think the other person felt?And


Day 24: A relaxing moment in your day

Pick a relaxing moment in your day and write about it.For example, just now before writing this prompt, I was lying on the rug in my office reading Selfie by Will Storr.Just wanted a break from writing


Day 23: What would you teach?

If you could teach anything, what would you teach?Maybe it’s to do with your business or your work.Maybe it’s to do with a hobby or pasttime of yours.Maybe you teach already, in which case—what


Day 22: Something you’re proud of this month

What’s something you’re proud of this month?That’s it.That’s the prompt.And don’t tell me there’s nothing; I don’t believe you. Dig deep.Here’s something I’m proud of this month: I’ve


Day 21: Telegraph pole appreciation day

Yep, apparently today is telegraph pole appreciation day.I don't know, I don’t make them up…But it did remind me of something: shoes on telephone wires. Remember I mentioned those a few days ago?Well,

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