Episode 305: Copy + Creativity with Kim Krause Schwalm

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Guest Info — Kim Krause Schwalm

Kim Krause Schwalm, founder of the Get Dangerously Good copywriting training and mentorship hub, helps copywriters, marketers, and business owners become dangerously good at their craft -- and master the techniques, client management skills, and CEO mindset that will make them A-list exceptional in their industry. 

Over the past two decades, Kim has built a reputation as one of the top direct response writers in the country. She’s racked up dozens of successful direct mail and online controls, beating legendary copywriters and becoming the first female copywriter to get Boardroom control. Her copy’s graced the pages of companies all over the globe (like Soundview, Bottom Line, National Geographic, and Green Valley Natural Solutions), and she’s spoken on stage at top-tier conferences like Copy Chief Live, TCC IRL, Copy Accelerator, and more.

Show Notes

Join Vicky as she talks to Kim Krause Schwalm about dildo stories! Oh wait—sorry—CHILDREN’S stories. (Vicky learns not to mumble into the mic...) In this week’s episode, Vicky asks Kim all about moving from full-time copywriting into copy mentoring, building a list and brand, and taking a stab at a totally new kind of writing: screenplays and children’s books.

 Key Points

  • [2:06] An A-list copywriter describes what gratifies her these days.
  • [3:52] Why can’t we all just get along? What Vicky likes about Kim’s emails.
  • [5:40] Female copywriters are so freaking nice.
  • [7:30] Kim explains her Fast Track to A-list mentoring program and the advice she gives to mentees.
  • [14:20] The ingredients Kim uses to make magic.
  • [16:48] Joining Vicky’s Power Hour was a game-changer for Kim’s personal projects.
  • [19:11] The importance of writing a little bit every day, and the book Kim reads once a year.
  • [21:49] The inside scoop about Kim’s children’s books.
  • [23:48] The Big Reveal: Kim’s current read, favorite reads, favorite song, and binge-worthy show.
  • [26:58] Optimistically speaking, Kim is grateful for her health and her amazing kids.
  • [29:46] Find out more about Kim.

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Scientific Advertising

The Invention of Wings 

The Immortalists

The Book of Longings

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