Episode 187: Conversations With Your Ideal Reader

Joe and I talk about the twitching madness of insomnia, and how it's kind of like when you're suffering from chronic Blank Page Of Doomness. This episode contains the 7 – no, 8 – no, wait, NINE – questions you can ask your best customers to help you overcome the Blank Page Of Doom. Plus you'll get some splendid testimonials and maybe make some new friends.

Key Points

  • [1:55] Let’s talk about strategies that will beat your writer’s block!
  • [5:25] Don’t try to force it. Sometimes you just need a little more research to beat that blank page.
  • [8:50] Talk to your clients! They are an excellent way to generate inspiration and topics.
  • [9:45] Vicky has 7 crucial questions you can ask your audience.
  • [12:05] What you think is people’s main objection might not actually be the case. It’s important to ask them!
  • [13:05] What specific service or feature did your client like the most about working with you?
  • [13:55] Ask your client the top three benefits they received when working with you!
  • [17:50] Give your client the option to add anything else that you might not have thought of or asked them yet.
  • [18:30] Most people don’t feel comfortable asking for unsolicited advice, but when you ask for it specifically, people will open up!
  • [21:25] The very act of talking to your customers shows them that you value them.
  • [24:00] Know anybody who’d like this podcast? Please let them know about it!

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