Don’t be a rotting badger

Grow grow grow.

It's all we ever hear from online gurus, business experts, and people who think they know stuff.

We must all create something enormous, something we can sell, something with a bazillion customers and almost as many employees. We must focus on making as much money as possible, as fast as possible – then making some more.

And if we don't want that, what the hell are we even doing, bro?

If we don't want that kind of mushrooming growth, we must be playing at our businesses, right?

We must have a glorified hobby.

Here's what I believe: not all growth is good. Some of it is like a rotting badger on the side of the road. It's getting bigger on the outside, but the inside is a seething mass of virulent decay.

For a long time, I was obsessed with growth. Obsessed with more customers, more software, more website, more expensive tools, because I thought that's what I needed to be a success.

I hadn't really considered, though, what success meant to me.

Why I was doing all this, and if I even needed half of what I was chasing.

Turns out, I don't want to build an empire I can sell. I don't want employees, and a bazillion customers.

I want to make a difference to the small number of clients whom I can really help – and I don't mind if that takes me longer.

I want enough money in the bank so I don't have to worry about it and so we can fix all the holes in our dream cottage and see some more of the world – and if I make more, that's the icing on a very tasty cake.

Mostly, though, I want more time – to spend with Joe, to train at the aerial studio, to learn to play the guitar, to study physics.

And I don't want to wait ten years to do them.

Turns out, what I want to grow is my life.

I'm lucky in that I love what I do, so growing my business is part of that – but not the rotting-badger growth that eats you alive from the inside out

I'm talking about the kind of growth that comes from loving what you do, and helping one person at a time grow their life. Then another person. And another.

Do you want the same? Do you want to grow your business, or your life? (Or perhaps a little of both?)

Writing your book will help you do that. If you write a book, you can help so many more people, more quickly, than you could working with them one-on-one.

But I know writing a book sounds daunting, so I've written a book to help you get started. Take your first Tiny Beetle Step today and pre-order How The Hell Do You Write A Book?

Have a read, and see if I can convince you it's a good idea – and that you're more than capable of achieving it 🙂

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Vicky Fraser is the founder of Moxie Books and author of How The Hell Do You Write A Book and Business For Superheroes. She helps business owners write books, connect with readers and new customers, and grow their businesses. When she's not doing that, she's hanging from a trapeze by her feet.

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