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Strippers shafted by sharecropping

Shadowbanning.It's been causing outrage in the pole dancing and burlesque community – and rightly so – because Instagram and Facebook have taken it upon themselves to decide what's "appropriate" content,


Don’t drink and prime

Do you know what the most dangerous invention is for a bookaholic?Amazon Prime.I do a lot of my book shopping in real-life bookshops, but when I hear of a book that sounds interesting, I panic that I'll


You have an egg hanging out your bum

Have you ever seen a chicken running around with a half-laid egg hanging out of her vent?I have, at my friend's house, and the memory still makes me giggle.Said chicken was in her nest box doing her laying,


Don’t be a rotting badger

Grow.Grow grow grow.It's all we ever hear from online gurus, business experts, and people who think they know stuff.We must all create something enormous, something we can sell, something with a bazillion


4 Simple Steps To Help You Write The Blurb On The Back Of Your Book

Don’t treat it as an afterthought: the blurb on the back must persuade readers to buy—and it must do it in around 200 words.I have a confession to make: I loathe writing the back blurb for my books.

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