Day 11: Current earworm

As I write this, I am sobbing like the world is ending.

I'm listening to King's College Choir sing O Holy Night, which is one of the songs that gives me frisson. It makes me feel so many feelings.

As the choir of voices climbs in the chorus, joy expands inside me and spills out of my eyes and my skin and the world isn't large enough to contain it.

I'm not sure this can be described as an earworm, because I am listening to it on repeat...

Anyway—today's writing prompt is about music. An earworm, if you have one (an earworm, in case you didn't know, is a song that just won't leave your damn head). Or a piece of music that makes you cry. Or a song you love.

Tell me about it—and please tag me so I can discover wonderful new music.

Set your timer and GO.

Happy writing!



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