Day 10: National Houseplant Week

Houseplants used to give me the creeps.

I have memories of half-dead plants in darkened rooms at my great-grandma's house, and they made me feel sad. The smell of geraniums still haunts me.

Plus, I couldn't keep houseplants alive (just one of the many joys of having the attention span of an aphid).

Until Covid hit, and one of my coping mechanisms was buying shit online... including a subscription to a houseplant delivery service. It became a bit of an obsession and I set up a reminder system so I'd never forget to water or fertilise my plant buddies.

Now I have a LOT of houseplants and I've only lost two of them so far.

So tell me, my friend, as it's National Houseplant Week: are you a houseplant person? Or not?

If you are, perhaps you'd like to choose one of your houesplants and write a short biography about it. What's its favourite place? Favourite music? Favourite colour?

Use your imagination, set a timer, and GO.

Happy writing!



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