Day 8: International Cat Day

AAAAAAA I love my cat-bears so much!

Noodle and Whiskey, they are, and they are the best cats in the world. I know you probably think your cat is the best in the world, but you’d be wrong.


It’s okay to be wrong, though—stand there and be wrong in your wrongness.

Anyway—here’s why I love my cats so much: when Noodle sees that I am wearing my dressing gown, he will leap up into my arms for a cuddle and purr into my ear. He always loves a squeeze. He talks to me. He listens to me. He joins in with handstands and yoga. When I cry, he comes to sit with me or lies down with me.

Whiskey chats to us all the time. She shouts all her news when we come home. She jumps into the sink and demands that we turn on the tap. She chirrups when we stroke her if she’s asleep—a little activation noise. She turns around and around on the windowsill to make a nest in the curtains, and is so cute that we tolerate the excessive hairyness.

Your prompt is: International Cat Day. Maybe you have a cat you want to write about. Or maybe you're not a cat person (that’s okay, keep it to yourself). Or maybe you know about the history of domesticated cats. Or maybe you want to write about Big Cats.

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and go go go!

Happy writing!



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