Day 7: What are you picky about?

Joe would probably say I’m picky about all sorts of stuff.

He’d be right.

Here’s a list:

  • The curtains: they must be closed properly or else I cannot relax.
  • How the washing is hung on the line.
  • All my lists (but I don’t function without them so).
  • How my food is presented. And how I eat it.
  • Tea. It has to be stirred 30 times and then just the right amount of oat milk.
  • Bedclothes: only gorgeous, high thread count, expensive bedclothes.

Just a few things.


Set a timer and write about what you’re picky about, and why…

And if you’re still not sure what to write about—try one of the writing games in my template bundle! Which you can find here:

Happy writing!



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