Day 2: Groundhog Day

Have you seen the film Groundhog Day?

I kind of love it. Bill Murray is ace. And it’s a clever idea, which got me thinking about two things.

First, I don’t want my days to be like Groundhog Day, which I suspect is partly why I started my business. Every day is controlled chaos. Actually that’s an exaggeration. Some days are controlled chaos; but every day is different.

Second, it tot me thinking about how films or songs can become culturally recognisable phrases and ideas—like “groundhog day” is another way of saying something is boring and repetitive.

Or how “hoover”—which is a brand-name—came to be used as a generic word for all vacuum cleaners.

I don’t know what this writing prompt will prompt for you, but set a timer for 5 minutes—and see what spills out of your brainbox.

Happy writing!



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