Day 1: First day at school

I have very few memories from my childhood. I can’t remember learning to ride a bike, for instance; or the first time I ever sat on a horse.

Nor can I remember my first day at school—any of my first days at school.

Sharing this prompt got me thinking about that. Not about my first day at school, but about the gaps in my memory, and why they’re there.

Why we remember some things, but not others—and why we forget the things we “should” remember; the stuff “everyone remembers”. Like learning to ride a bike.

I feel sad when I think about learning to ride a bike, because I know my dad taught me. He remembers. I have a vague memory of stabilisers; no memory of falling off (which I must have done).

I wish I could remember. I feel like that would be a happy memory for me...

I wish I could remember my first day at school, too. My early school memories are of being bored, being told off for daydreaming, and being made to stand with my face to the wall at lunchtime because of some transgression I committed.

Of course, I forget the transgression now... but I remember counting the patterns on the wallpaper and making up a story.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and see where today’s prompt leads you. Do you remember your first day at school?

Happy writing!



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