What Does a Book Coach Actually DO Tho?

Screenshot: Vicky I wanted to say a heartfelt thank youfor helping me get this book out of my head and onto Amazon. It’s wonderful working with you and here’s to a whole series of books in the next few years. Happy writing everyone.
Screenshot: I always wanted to write a book but self-doubt always held me back. Yet here I am, immersed in discomfort, and stretching my self-induced boundaries.
Screenshot: Thank you to my book coach Vicky Quinn Fraser for prompting me to think of a tiny beetle step today. And a reminder: You don’t need to create your best work today. Just one little step. See where it takes you.
Screenshot: Okay lets talk about avoidance AGAIN. Here I am writing about why I’m not writing. AGAIN.
Screenshot: why did I write a book?

If you load the pics up there ^^ you’ll see what some fabulous folk have to say about writing a book.

Specifically, a few words about how a book coach can help you crowbar your book out of your brain and into the real world.

Here are 11 things a book coach does. Or, at least, 11 things I do with my clients...

1. Help you get your idea out of your head and onto the page.

Seems obvious, right?

It’s one of the most important things because when you’re all “aaaargh I have this idea but I can’t word it’s pictures and clouds and I know it’s awesome but whyyyyyy won’t it come out of my headddddd” it’s easy to stop right there and never actually start your book. After all, if we can’t get past the initial idea and excitement how the hell we gonna write the thing?

So we look hold your idea up to the light, brush the dust off it, turn it to every angle, and make sure it’s clear as water at the bottom of a mine that hasn’t been disturbed for years. And we make sure your message is exciting and compelling.

In a nutsack: a book coach is a savvy editor—but not only an editor.

3. You are the most important part of this you absolute unicorn.

This is the real difference between an editor and a book coach.

Not that an editor doesn’t care about you; they absolutely do. But a book coach focuses on you because you’re the one writing the thing, and if you’re not in the right space with the right support, it’s gonna be haaaaaaard.

We are tuned into how you feel, where you struggle, your challenges, your joys and wins—and we keep a safe space for the pain and woe that will almost certainly smack you in the face at some point during this adventure.

A book coach understands when grace is needed and when to push you.

3. Tells the truth—always.

With kindness, and grace—but always truth.

I’m not doing anyone any good if I’m a yes-woman, patting you on the head and telling you everything’s fine when actually, this part here isn’t working and here’s why, and here’s how we can fix it.

I’m here to help you write the best book you can possibly write, not stroke your ego. And I will always do it with kindness.

4. Shows you how to write betterer.

A book coach is also an editor and a teacher; or at least, I am.

I will show you how to turn pedestrian prose into sparkling stanzas that fizz with your voice. I’ll make sure your story flows and pulls the reader along with it.

And you’ll come out of the whole experience with a better understanding of what sets “meh” writing apart from “WOW” words.

5. Is your number 1 cheerleader.

I will help you over obstacles, for sure—that’s my primary function. But I will also celebrate every win with you, no matter how small.

Written the first draft of chapter 1? YASSS QUEEN.

Got out of bed today and scribbled 100 words even though you feel like setting fire to the world? AWESOME.

Now how are you celebrating? I recommend cookies.

6. Holds you accountable.

I will give you space when outside influences and pain and obstacles and, you know, real life scupper your writing plans—but I will not let you get away with excuses.

It’s much easier to flake out on yourself when you’re the only one holding yourself accountable. When you make it public—even if you declare to a group of people you respect—you are more likely to do what you need to do.

And as for a book coach: you are paying me in actual cashmoney and time and effort, and I will set deadlines and nudge you along and make sure you get this done. If you hire a book coach, you’re ready to get serious about this shit and FINALLY GET YOUR DAMN BOOK DONE—and I will make sure you do it.

7. Helps you plan for the future.

No, not like your retirement or your wedding or anything (although I’d ABSOLUTELY be up for making cool table decoration decisions with you especially if they involve booky gimmicks and daffodils).

I’m interested in where your book fits into your business and life—beyond the actual publication date and celebration party.

Your book is a massive opportunity and source of fun, so I’ll ask plenty of questions—including “What do you want your book to do for you?” Then I’ll help you make it happen (or hand you to one of my incredible contacts).

8. Helps you make publishing decisions.

Indie or find an agent and get a book deal?


This is a big hairy scary decision and there’s a lot to think about—happily you don’t have to go it alone. A book coach will show you the pros and cons of each choice and help you think longer term about what will be best for you.

9. Holds your hand through marketing.

Ugh, marketing. I mean, if it’s a good book, shouldn’t it just sell itself?

Sadly, no.

There are so many amazing books that nobody will ever read because the authors believed that little lie. If you want to get eyeballs on your book, you have to sell the shit out of it.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be gross. Double luckily, I used to be a copywriter and marketing bod, so I am uniquely placed to advise you here.

10. We know people.

Writing and publishing a book—especially if you’re indie-publishing—has a lot of moving parts and it’s easy to drown in them.

Where do you start? Who else can you ask for help? Who can I trust to design a cover, to typeset my book, to print it beautifully, to edit and proofread it?

A book coach has a little black book of awesome people to call on to do this stuff—so you don’t have to search the internet blindly.

11. I belieeeeeeeeeve in yoooooooooou and your book (sung to the tune of Believe by Cher).

And because I believe in you, you’ll believe in yourself. Promise.

It’s happened with every single one of my clients so far and I have no reason to believe that’ll change.

One of the most surprising things for writers is when they realise how they’ve changed and grown in confidence as a writer and a human over the course of writing a book. I can see it at the start; and I help you to see it as you go along.

* * *

This is the difference between an editor and a book coach, and a snifter of all the magic that goes into helping lovely humans create fantastic books.

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