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Episode 319: Stop Trying to Find Your Voice

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe in the middle of a thunderstorm and find out why you need to stop trying to find your voice—and just use it instead! Tune in for thunder, lightning, Terry Pratchett,

Terry Pratchett in his signature black hat, tinted glasses, and white Father Christmas beard

Writing Advice from Professor Sir Terry Pratchett

Professor Sir Terry Pratchett, one of the most successful authors in the world ever, continues to delight me with his Discworld series. I’ve read every single book, except the last one (because I can’t


Episode 318: Why Your Table of Contents is a Sexy Elbow

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe for possibly the most professional podcast episode they’ve ever made, and discover why your table of contents is like a sexy elbow. Seriously. You’ll also discover

Vicky, with blue hair and an orange striped top, looks morose with notebook and pen in hand

“I Hate My Book”

Sometimes, people tell me they hate their book. Their work in progress.On occasion, I say it myself, about a book I’m working on.I get it; sometimes we have this visceral reaction to this thing we’re


Episode 317: Writing Tools + Software

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe as they do a whirlwind trip through Vicky’s favourite productivity tools, writing tools, and editing tools! There’s a bunch of affiliate links for you, but don’t

“You belong” on colouful mosaic background, surrounded by leafy plants

Representation Matters and So Does Your Story

My friend has just qualified as a personal trainer. She’s venturing out into the world of marketing, approaching gyms to offer her services—doing all the scary things we must do if we want our ideas


Episode 316: Check out these creatives

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe as they not so much announce with fanfare but blurt out the podcast name change—and then pay close attention because Vicky’s super-excited about Jarvis Cocker’s

Dimly lit bookshelves stuffed with books, possibly a second-hand bookshop

Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing—How to Decide

“Oh, you self published? I thought you were a real author.”Wow, love. You actually said it out loud, didn’t ya?I read an article not so long ago (the article itself is pretty old, but the sentiment

Wooden clown

How to Avoid Looking Like an Amateur Author

I’m going to make a big assumption about you: you're an expert. A pro.You love what you do, you do your absolute best for your clients, your friends, your family—and you go above and beyond to deliver


Episode 315: Dropping the Mic with Mike Ganino

Follow Mike:Guest Info — Mike GaninoMike helps people get to the core of their story and share it in a way that creates change and profoundly impacts an audience. For the past 20 years I have

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