Episode 315: Dropping the Mic with Mike Ganino

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Guest Info — Mike Ganino

Mike helps people get to the core of their story and share it in a way that creates change and profoundly impacts an audience. For the past 20 years I have been working with best selling authors, top-ranked keynote speakers, and industry leaders to help them reveal their unique voice, and share their stories.

Show Notes

Ever wondered what to do if you’re asked to speak about your book in public? Wonder no more—for this week, Vicky is joined by the delightful Mike Ganino, who is a brilliant public speaking coach. He works with a lot of authors and helps them to craft their message—and tell it in a compelling, entertaining, and moving manner on stage or on video. Listen in and find out all about: the 5 stage languages, the difference between writing your story and telling it with your mouth, how to avoid death by PowerPoint (and is PowerPoint even a bad thing?)—and much more! 

 Key Points

  • [2:15] A little bit about Mike and what he does.
  • [3:55] What’s the difference between writing on paper vs. speaking it in person?
  • [5:15] You have to write in a way that’s natural to your speaking voice. It sounds so rigid if you say your speech off of ‘formal’ writing.
  • [8:45] When on a stage, people need to feel the words that you’re saying.
  • [10:30] It’s kind of boring to listen to an author read from their book. So how do you make it engaging?
  • [12:10] There are a lot of vocal nuances you need to think about when speaking.
  • [14:35] Sometimes you need to hold your ‘move’ for a little longer than you think you should. This pause can feel weird without practice.
  • [16:05] Should you ‘act’ bigger when you’re on stage?
  • [20:15] How can authors make their books sound more engaging in social media?
  • [25:00] How do speakers avoid death by powerpoint?
  • [27:00] How do you memorize your talk?
  • [31:25] Vicky does a lightning round session! 

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