Same-Same But Different

Today, I'm on a reading adventure in Bath.

If you've never visited Bath, you must do so – not only is it a stunning city full of history and stories, it's also full of quirk.

I'm here because for my 40th birthday, way back in March, my lovely cousin bought me possibly the most perfect gift anyone could think of: a Reading Spa. I've not been yet – it starts at 10 am – but I will definitely be writing about it.

Today is Flamingo Friday, though, so while I wait, I wanted to share a few thoughts and ideas with you, to help you stand out among your competition.

  • I've just had the most magnificent vegetarian breakfast in a little café called Same-Same But Different. It could be Just Another Café, but it isn't. The quirks and attention to detail are delightful: French and Spanish music playing, cosy cubby-holes filled with cushions in which to snuggle and drink tea, and fabulous food. It's like a French café meets a Victorian gin bar. Perfect.
  • A toy shop that specialises in the miniature world. The mini treehouse in the window caught my eye and made me squee with delight. I'm going in to explore later, when it's open. It could be Just Another Toy Shop, but it isn't. It's called My Small World, and although it sells all sorts of toys, I think their niche is the miniature. Maybe. It is to me, now, anyway.
  • Shop window decor that doesn't just follow the crowd. Everywhere I looked, I saw small, independent retailers doing the opposite of what the chain stores are doing – and they're memorable because of it.

You might be selling the same stuff as your competition, but it's different. It has you. Your personality, your unique (and maybe fabulously ridiculous) ideas, and your take on things.

What would you do with your business and your products and services if there were no rules? If nobody was watching? If you could guarantee nobody would laugh?

Do it now. Do it anyway.

Some people might laugh... and some people might love you enough to buy everything you can put their way. Have fun with your business.

If you're waiting for permission to be a little bit extra, consider this your permission.

And if you want more encouragement, grab yourself a copy of my new book below...

p.s. Even if you don't want to write a book (yet), you'll find it's stuffed full of advice on how to stand out, how to market better, and how to write delightfully.

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