Episode 189: Your Pencils Could Always Be Sharper

Look, your pencils could always be sharper, okay? Your hair could be shinier. Your long-jump could be longer. Joe and I talk about your worst trait, and why it's keeping you paralysed. I also get over-enthusiastic about Brené Brown, who is a wise owl. If you struggle to get your best stuff out there, listen in to this episode, and listen good.

Key Points

  • [1:20] Vicky is in her brand new office!!!

  • [2:50] Vicky is looking to name her office. Do you have a name suggestion for her?

  • [5:10] Vicky recently had a crap experience with a provider and wants to share how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

  • [9:25] Do you suffer from perfectionism?

  • [13:00] How can perfectionism make you ill?

  • [19:20] Are you your mistakes or are you just someone who makes mistakes?

  • [20:00] Don’t praise children for the end product, praise them for the work they did.

  • [21:40] Perfectionism keeps you outside of the action.

  • [25:20] Slowly work your way towards being ‘good enough’ instead of ‘perfect enough’.
  • [28:00] Vicky is almost done writing her book! Preorder it now!

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