Never has pain felt so exquisite

​I reached up to the bar, lifted my feet up and off, lowered myself to the ground

– and did my little happy Snoopy dance.

128 days ago, I got off a trapeze with no idea as to when I'd be able to get back up there again.

Yesterday morning, I rigged my shiny new trapeze – the birthday gift my wonderful husband gave me back at the end of March, 4,380 years ago – and hung upside down from my feet.

I wasn't sure I'd still be able to do it.

I wasn't sure I'd still be able to do anything.

But I could – and I did.

Two hours and a bunch of barrel rolls and forward and backward rolls later, I was bruised and tired and happy.

Turns out, my body hadn't forgotten how to move on a trapeze at all, and my mind had nothing to worry about.

Sure, everything was much harder than it was 128 days ago. My fitness has seeped away. Some of my strength has oozed out of my muscles.

But I could do all the moves I wanted to do and I enjoyed myself.

That, my friend, is the power of habit, of deep practice, and consistency.

The only reason I could get back on that trapeze and knock out some of my favourite moves after 128 days on the ground is all the months and years of hard work I put in before lockdown hit.

This isn't just true for trapeze, or physical movement. It's true for language learning, musical instruments, painting, writing, maths, engineering – anything even remotely creative.

Sure, we'll be rusty.

Absolutely, it'll be hard work to get back to where we were.

And it will probably be painful and frustrating and times.

But it's perfectly possible.

All those times you have to drag yourself to your keyboard or your musical instrument or the gym – they're worth it. They'll pay off when you need to pull something out of the bag in future.

If you want to become a good writer and communicator, practice. Do the work. Every day.

Remember: this is something you GET to do. It's brilliant.

You don't have to do it.

You have the joy and privilege of being able to choose to do it because ultimately, it brings joy.

Have a wonderful Sunday doing something that fills your soul to the brim.

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