Episode 225: Bullshit Monsters with Anaïs Bock

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Guest Info - Anaïs Bock

Anaïs Bock is an (online) leadership trainer and a tool creator for business transformation. She works with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs and speaks on international stages in fluent German, English and Spanish.

Anaïs has been researching purpose-driven work since 2011. She is best known for the four-part Purpose Diagram and the Bullsh*t Monster method.

But don’t be fooled by the frolic. In her Master’s degree (MSc Organisational Behaviour Birkbeck, University of London) she specialised in the future of work and has helped a series of big player with their definition and operationalisation of purpose, both at an individual, team and organisational level. 

Show Notes

Sounds like a supergroup, right? AND IT IS! Meet Anaïs Bock and her Bullshit Monsters. If you have ever experienced any resistance to doing anything (and we all have) you need this episode. Anaïs introduces us to a bunch of the monsters that keep us stuck and make us sad – and shows us how to take a well-known idea and give it a twist that'll actually make a difference.

Key Points

  • [2:30] Anaïs became self-employed in her early 20s and had some limiting beliefs about what an expert was supposed to look like.
  • [3:30] What was Anaïs’s thesis about?
  • [5:30] Anaïs shares an example of a couple bullshit monsters we have looming around in the back of our head.
  • [9:15] Do you notice yourself editing as you write? That’s Stern Blade trying to hold you back!
  • [11:55] Anaïs shares why she created a deck of cards for people to use.
  • [14:05] How does Anaïs use this in her business?
  • [16:35] Some of the bullshit monsters you face will require you to push through the resistance and others will require you to be gentle with yourself.
  • [19:35] How does Anaïs discover and create her bullshit monsters?
  • [20:55] Anaïs is currently crowdfunding her very first bullshit monster cards.
  • [21:45] Why did Anaïs decide to crowdfund her project?

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