Episode 300: A Hot Take on Hot Takes

Show Notes

Tune in for Vicky and Joe’s hot take on hot takes! Yep, this week our hosts have Opinions on other people’s opinions. With the internet crammed full of knee-jerk reactions and instant outrage, what’s the cost to us as a society? How can we slow down and think things through? What can a noble dude from the 1500s teach us about life? And what does all this have to do with books, anyway?

 Key Points

  • [1:00] It’s April but it’s snowing! Vicky and Joe are freezing in their home office.
  • [2:35] Joe reads out the title of the book Vicky is reading in his best radio presenter voice.
  • [03:30] We think of essays as the dry and boring academic stuff that was forced on us during school, but Vicky shares why essays are great!
  • [05:05] Montaigne’s essays are all about figuring out how to live a good life.
  • [06:15] Update on casa dingle! Let’s build some stud walls in the bathroom.  
  • [09:00] What are hot takes? Vicky uses the example of Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars.
  • [10:40] ‘Hot takes’ take away the attention of what should’ve been a really amazing moment.  
  • [11:45] ‘Hot takes’ usually happen in social media. Vicky shares what really frustrates her about it.
  • [12:45] There is a lot of pressure to have an opinion on something. Vicky talks about Jameela Jamil as an example.
  • [14:30] Books give you space to think and put forward a considered opinion.
  • [15:20] Montaigne wasn’t very bright and forgot things a lot. Vicky explains why she likes his essays.
  • [16:40] Vicky reads out Mark Manson’s email called, The Life Cycle of Outrage, and explains why she recommends it.
  • [19:20] Joe wonders what the motivation is for the person that puts these stuff out.[21:50]
  • Vicky can’t imagine one’s life having to comment on everything that’s happening. It must be exhausting!
  • [22:35] Opinions get taken as facts but the two are not the same thing.
  • [24:05] We need to be able to entertain an idea that we might profoundly disagree with. The world is not binary.
  • [24:50] Vicky explains why she’s a fierce advocate of writing and reading a book or other longer forms of way to consume news vs social media.
  • [26:00] And if you would like to write a book, Vicky is still looking for two beautiful weirdos to come with her to her book coaching event!
  • [27:05] Think slower, go beyond the knee-jerk reactions and take your time to ponder.

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How to Live: a life of Montaigne in one question and twenty attempts at an answer by Sarah Bakewell (https://uk.bookshop.org/a/5048/9780099485155)

Mark Manson:

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