Episode 257: MONEY MONEY MONEY with Yinka Ewuola

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Guest Info - Yinka Ewuola

⭐️ ???? ????? ► Women's Business Champion, Coach, Consultant. Speaker. Business and Asset Strategist. Systems Savant.
Making Success Inevitable for women in business.

As founder of Calla Success Systems, I'm on a mission to elevate the experience for women building businesses to make sure that their dreams and goals of building a successful business doesn't result in the sacrifice and suffering of the other parts of their lives.

As women, we are different. Our lives are different. Our needs are different. My aim is to make that difference a superpower!

My passion is to support women to do what seems impossible, to stop them having to choose between parts of their lives - and to redefine what 'having it all' means

⭐️ ???? ? ?? ► I help busy, savvy, ambitious women in business to move from feeling stressed out, overworked and burned out to building a thriving and profitable business while living a full, nourishing and inspiring life, through the power of leverage and systems.

AS A DYNAMIC TRANSFORMATION COACH ►, I support women to take a holistic approach to growth and development, and help them build a sense of crystal clarity, unwavering self belief, crushing impostor syndrome, defeating overwhelm and crafting stunning personal and business success on their own terms

AS A CONSULTANT ► I develop incredible, exciting, inspiring action plans for success that you'll actually use and follow. A road map to guaranteed success, with a leveraged perspective designed to make success easy.

AS A SPEAKER ? ► I am available to deliver online and in person keynote speeches and workshops around topics including:
• ‘Thrive like a GIRL’ – Winning ways for Women in Business
• ‘Lightening the LOAD’ – Ditch the Overwhelm and Rise to your best
• ‘Soul Saving Systems’ – Change the game with 10 tech-free systems for women in business

AS A TRAINER ► I offer training on topics such as imposter syndrome, confidence, planning and execution, routines and results and the power of consistency

⭐️???? ???? ??: I have a range of services to help women increase their productivity, marketing, leverage and results in their business. Products and services include
• BlockBusting Toolkit – Designed to bust any block stymying your business
• 'Thrive Alive' Business Action Plans – Roadmaps to success that inspire, excite and mark the first step in truly meaning business
• Implementation Support – bespoke support to get the work done

⭐️ ???? ???? ►DM me here on linked in, drop me an email ?: hello@callasuccess.com 

Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Vicky gets “vulgar” with Yinka: they talk MONEY MONEY MONEY! You know, that thing you’re not supposed to mention in polite society. Amidst much chortling, they open the doors into money mindset, why “charge your worth” is dangerous advice, and how much damage not talking about money does to women. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

 Key Points

  • [3:15] Women and their prices, what’s the problem?
  • [5:35] When it comes to empowerment, how much of it is your actual choice vs. what you’re perceived/expected to do?
  • [6:45] How free are your choices?
  • [7:55] What does it mean to have a good money mindset?
  • [10:45] Building wealth is seen as shady business, especially for women.
  • [12:00] Money brings protection, money brings security.
  • [18:10] What is the difference between western vs. non-western feminism? In Africa, it’s seen completely differently.
  • [23:15] We have to separate our own worth vs. money.
  • [28:30] How do we have a healthy relationship with money?
  • [33:00] How did Yinka get into this line of work?
  • [36:40] Trading time for money? It’s just a stage.
  • [39:10] What happens if someone can’t afford to pay you?
  • [42:40] It all boils down to value and your own self worth.

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