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“I Hate My Book”

Sometimes, people tell me they hate their book. Their work in progress.On occasion, I say it myself, about a book I’m working on.I get it; sometimes we have this visceral reaction to this thing we’re

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Representation Matters and So Does Your Story

My friend has just qualified as a personal trainer. She’s venturing out into the world of marketing, approaching gyms to offer her services—doing all the scary things we must do if we want our ideas

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Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing—How to Decide

“Oh, you self published? I thought you were a real author.”Wow, love. You actually said it out loud, didn’t ya?I read an article not so long ago (the article itself is pretty old, but the sentiment

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How to Avoid Looking Like an Amateur Author

I’m going to make a big assumption about you: you're an expert. A pro.You love what you do, you do your absolute best for your clients, your friends, your family—and you go above and beyond to deliver

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Stop Trying to Find Your Voice

I looked everywhere: in my friends’ heads, in the books of writers I love, on TV shows and in movies; even down the back of the sofa.I looked inside my own head, and outside it, too.But I never did

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Your Nonfiction Book Table of Contents—Burlesque Style

Ever seen a burlesque show?(If not, check out my beautiful assistant Lily La Rosa, who owns Glitter Girls Burlesque)Burlesque is all about the tease: fun, dancing, a little bit naughty…Think of your

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29 People, Places, and Things to Inspire You

Another day, another listicle.Sorrynotsorry because I love when people I like share their creative influences—it widens my horizons and introduces me to many cool new folks.I’ve been reading Show

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31 Writing Tools to Get Your Book Done

There are approximately 927,833 writing tools out there to choose from, and the choice can be bewildering. I know, because I have been bewildered by the choice, and have spent quite a lot of money on

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Writers Block: 10 ADHD-Friendly Brain Tricks to Get Started

Almost every Sunday evening, Joe and I play Dungeons & Dragons with a group of buddies and IT’S SO FUN. We never struggle to get started; we’re always super-eager to start adventuring.I know

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Start Your Book with a Reader Journey

Have you ever seen the movie Snakes on a Plane? My condolences, if so. That’s a couple of hours of life we’re never gonna get back.So.Why was it so very appalling? It wasn’t the preposterous premise;

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