Day 28: What pissed you off recently?

Come on, this is your chance to vent.

January is dark and gloomy (at least in this part of the world) and it does feel good to have a good old rant sometimes.

Maybe narrow it down: what in your industry pissed you off recently? What do you fight the good fight against?

My eternal gripe is promises that you will write your book in 30 days. Ugh. No, you’ll write some stuff but it will be far from a finished book. The specific gripe I have is the false promises simply to make a sale.

Also: I bit the inside of my cheek the other day and it gave me the rage—then I kept biting it because the first bite raised a little lump.


Set your timer for 5 minutes and rant for me. Share it if you like. Or not. But write!



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