Day 27: Favourite vegetable?

They look like tiny trees, and so the broccoli is my favourite vegetable.

(FYI, broccoli is one of those words I can’t spell, no matter how many times I write it. It took me 3 attempts to write the first one, and the rest have been copy-pasted.)

Even more fun than a regular broccoli, though, is a fractal one. A Romanesco Broccoli. Here it is in all its fractal glory:

A thing of beauty, and also a thing of great nerdery. Plus, absolutely delicious roasted with salt, pepper, and chili flakes. Yum.

So, what’s your favourite vegetable? Why?

Set your timer for 5 minutes and write beautiful paragraphs about why you love your favourite vegetable.

Then come and try out the Team Moxie Power Hours—just £1.20 for a week. You don’t have to write alone!

Happy writing!



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